Monday, March 22, 2010

Another way to ease the pain a bit

As I said hard outside work helps me put things back together after such a horrible time but I admit my Cashew Rocky Road is also part of my recovery plan. I am not much for sweets but when I get way down in the dumps I must admit a spot of chocolate works.

This is an easy recipe and within hours you have a great treat. I spread on a parchment lined tray as much Sea Salted Cashews as I wish. Then I sprinkle on Marshmellows. I then melt dark chocolate in a double boiler with a bit of butter and a drizzle of whipping cream. Stir till well mixed then drizzle over the nuts and marshmellows. I then do the same with Milk Chocolate. I drizzle again over the previous addition. This will give you a great stripped look and so many different tastes in each bit. Cool till hard and cut into nice large squares. I place mine in a nice tin and then in the shop frig. I like it in the frig because there will be no chance of melting and also I have to walk all the way to the shop's frig to get a piece and that helps in getting rid of the calories some. So does cleaning the barns, moving hay and crying all those buckets of tears.

Hope you treat yourself to something good today - we are worth it!

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monica said...

Gosh, does that look yummy!