Monday, March 22, 2010

Miraculous Monica

When Monica first lost her mother Masquerade I worried so - she never left her mother's side and was not well received by the other goats. For two days I kept Monica with her half sister Mishka but since Mishka was my bottle kid they did not seem to get along. Now some might think the animal world is cold and uncaring but I can tell you from living with my animals - that is not always true. Mishka did not show the least bit of love for the sadness Monica was going thru. She kicked her out of the warmth of the heat lamp, hogged the grains, always took first drinks in the morning when I poured the warmed water - all I can say was I was very disappointed in the kid I raised... Monica was really starting to worry me when she did not show interest in her food and did not care that Mishka was hogging it all. So I thought how about we try something new. I took her out of the pen and went outside with her feed. There she stood looking at me with her mother's eyes. I sat quitely and watched her eat. Just then the other goats figured out that Monica was getting special attention and special feed. They came running towards her and I stood up - which means back off!!! Monica let out a little cry because they scared her and out of the barn came Mishka running - I mean RUNNING!.. She ran and stood in front of Monica and threw back her head. A show of aggression. Mishka then stomped her foot and again thru back her head. My heart swelled with pride - My Girl is sticking up for her half sister.

I went back into the barn to see what would happen if I where not standing guard and sure enough Kate went after Monica. Kate knocked into Monica's side and gave her a tumble - just then Mishka charged and ramed Kate in the side and knocked her off her feet. Kate jumped up with surprise in her face - Monica ran behind Mishka as her sister stomped her foot again. Just then the other girls turned and walked back into the barn. Since that time Monica has now found a protector. Mishka still hogs the warm water, takes more then her share of the hay and takes the warmest spot under the heat lamp but now Monica gets to sit next to her and relax - she knows that she has someone who will watch over her - not like her mother did but still a furry angel during these tough times.

Mishka has also found that that when she put's herself out for another the other girls respect her more. They now treat her like she has a purpose - before she was just a spoiled momma's girl but now she is a caregiver. A few of the Mothers are even letting their kids play with Monica now - Such Joy!!! Monica will be fine now..


Aprons and More said...

Sweet! Mom and I were worried about Monica and how she would fare without her Mama. Glad to see she has a sister who stepped up!

Katy :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Not to mention one mean two legged Momma - Me. How is your mother doing? I think of her often.

monica said...

I always love to see pictures of my beautiful little Monica! I am so glad to hear that Mishka has taken to protecting her!! She is such a pretty little girl and I would love to run my finger through those lovely locks!

Lisa said...

such a sad story with a happy ending. i'm so glad Monica has a guardian angel now..maybe Mishka will soften up even more as time goes on.