Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

No, Grace did not get a cell phone.  I have to say getting older can be an issue and of late I was wondering if my hearing was failing...  Since I live in a quite world where I know every sound that this farm and animals make I always seem to be humming along with the small sounds.  I have noticed that when I listen to my tunes I am not hearing everything like I use to - muffled and not as sharp.  At first I did not pay attention because there is always a wind going on here and most of the time I only listen to tunes when I am working outside anyway.

The other issue is no matter how hard I hide those wires for the ear buds a goat can walk by, find it and with a single bite they take out my tunes. I have even taped them to my body to hide them but still within a blink these cleaver goats manage to chomp that tiny wire.  I can not even count how many I have purchased just in the last three years.  I just don't want to know.

Well, when I was in town Friday I decided since I was down to only one pair I better purchase a few more.  I went to the electronic department and first found a CD of my favorite Beatles album.  Yeah for me because I only had it on cassette and could not listen to it while outside. Then I asked the sales person if she had anymore of my ear buds in the back.  She came back and asked if I was going to also purchase the Beatles album on Itunes?  I giggled and said I don't have an Ipod so No.  She asked then why was I purchasing ear buds for an Ipod???  WHAT?  After reviewing how a clerk picked this brand over a year ago and I have been purchasing them ever since I could have just kicked myself.  We giggled (I did that giggle I do when I am truly mad but know the anger is not going to help) and I got me two pair of the correct ear buds.

As I started to get ready to unload the hay at the farm I put in the new ear buds and wow - SO LOUD !!!  I am not losing my hear - well I might if I don't turn the volume down. 

I was singing along with Michael Jackson and enjoying the clear sounds when Llama Boy came up to my rubbing his nose on my cheek and giving me love and attention.  He has been mad at me so this attention was a happy turn of events.  Just as I was truly enjoying his soft nose this tender lips grab one of the ear buds and Chomp...  There went my new ear phones....

Luckily, I have another pair and after yelling and having a temper tantrum I went to the house and got the last pair.  I know most would not risk it but when I work hour after hour in the outside wind it is my only way to stay sane...  So, Yes I am blasting the tunes and enjoying every note...

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Tombstone Livestock said...

I think the critters are trying to tell you that you look funny with wires coming out of your ears, maybe they are worried and think they are saving you, or maybe they just want to hear the music too.

Glad you found the right kind.