Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look Mom What I Did - 24 hours

My HUGE Crown of Thorns is soon to celebrate his birth 12/19/1983     He was given to me on the evening of the birth of my first son Nicholas by a business associate of my husbands.  I thought it strange that he gave me this weird very pointy cactus but he stated it was a family tradition.  I thanked him and tried to keep it and my son from freezing to death when we headed home on the coldest day ever recorded for Colorado.  After all these years this Big Boy takes up the whole window and then some in my living room.  It loves the south and west window rays, drinks every Friday two cups of warm water and loves to watch me as I spin... As you can see in the picture there is another one next to him but this is his summer buddy.  I was a bit remiss and forgot to move the Summer Buddy which happens in October.  I noticed last weekend that my Big Buy was having leaves turn yellow.  Silly guy I said "What is your problem"

Brain dead Grace finally remembered and moved his Winter Buddy over to Big Boy.
This little one was almost dead when I brought it home.  Neglected and over watered it almost died several times but with love and knowledge he now is 6 years old.  I moved him over to his Big Buddy and talked to them as I picked the yellow leaves off the sad monster  That was Tuesday morning and
see what an old little friend can do for my Big Guy.  That's right in 24 hours he made a flower that is right next to his little buddy.  Who says plants don't respond to love and companionship.  It will be a joy to sit next to him and spin today - my heart knows he is righting himself.