Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today's Poultry Talk

Mom - what is all this nonsense the turkey's are saying about hiding until February???  Why do we have to pull our weight and theirs during the coldest months of the year??  The girls and I have talked and we just don't think it is right....

You see my sweet Hen -
23 Wild Turkeys live here and enjoy the protection we offer them especially during this trying time of the year.  On Wednesday when Kasha and I ate our lunch in the forest the group of them came walking by us finding morsels in the dry grass.  Kasha did not bark or chase because she understands that they are allowed to live here without worry.  I marvel at these amazing creatures.  I am not against eating meat but here is my thought on that -  I wished each person who does eat meat would have to at least once kill the animal of which they have chosen to eat.  I think not only would that stop folks from seeing meat as just something that sits under plastic and you can purchase with a coupon but rather as a real living and breathing creature.  I also think the general public might also understand what those of us who raise animals go through when and if we sell them for meat.  Lastly, I would hope that you might give thanks everyday for what you eat and for those who gave their life for you meal.

So my sweet Hen - just know that we all pull our weight here at the farm and no breathing creature is living in fear that they will be on our dinning room table.  So go enjoy the warm sunny day and soon I will be bringing out the blueberries for your holiday treat.

From all at Larkspur Funny Farm we send to you and yours Love, Light, Peace and Blessings this day and everyday.


Kristina said...

When I think of meat, I think of the pioneers. If they had meat, it's because they went out to hunt for it at the time. They didn't run to the store to eat meat every day. It makes me think more on a more creative meal plan.

Meghan Grace said...

I've heard that if we had to kill our own meat in order to eat meat, most of us would become vegetarians. Thank you for giving your babies a safe haven!