Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Moon Last Night

Every animal on the farm last night was full of excitement as the "Snow Moon" rose in the night sky.  I could not believe how bright it was in the pitch black cold sky.  I dogs were alert and the restless goats had been talking non stop. Llama Boy kept very close to me and Dot had his head wrapped around my neck when I came into the barn.  I must admit even I was unable to settle.  I wonder if you felt any thing different with this moon?  Is it only those who are wild in spirit who feel the pull?  Love to know if you had been HOWLING at the moon??


Sheri said...

Actually I felt quite energized and focused for the first time in weeks. The coyotes were sure singing and all the dogs in the neighborhood were yacking up a storm.

Sharon said...

The moon was so bright here in Oregon. I had difficulty sleeping, with a little bit of snow reflecting the moon I could see our property clearly in the middle of the night.