Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Cooking?? Drama, Storms and Vet Kits

Have I got a recipe for you??   NOT...  Here are a few things that are always in my life and in my Vet Kits in the Barns... Yes I said Kits - trust me you will understand why.  First off I always have duct tape on me at all times even in the truck and I have a small roll in my purse but this is beyond Duct Tape.

I am often asked "What do you do during a blizzard to keep yourself busy?"  Silly Question ..  For those of you who also think I over prepare and worry too much let's just say you have not lived through what I have over the years. 

It seemed that during the worst of the storm dearest Sly (Cashmere Old Gent) did something to his left front foot AGAIN...  I almost want to rename him GRACE II..  As I was doing the check on everyone at around 4 am I noticed his foot was floppy and that he was not placing any weight on it.  I could not tell in the dark and the driving snow what was exactly wrong so I knew I had to get closer... 

As I was trying to dig out the huge gate to squeeze through I could feel my foot was slipping and before I know it the snow was giving way and I was going down.  This would not have been too bad except for the fact that Llama Boy who was glued to my ass and was slipping as well.  As that heavy guy fell on top of me my right shoulder crashed into the heavy gate and we both landed upside down in the deep snow drift.  Llama Boy was acting like an upside down turtle and I was trying with all my strength to get him off my legs.  The two of us are such a graceful pair but once up and  on our feet we checked each other out and continued on with getting to Sly.

Once reaching him I could see he was in a bit of pain but was thrilled that I am such a worry wart and walk the farm every two hours during a storm.  After getting my gloves off and onto his leg I knew a splint was needed.  I grabbed the fence line and walked back to the big gate and into the barn next to it.  There is a stocked vet kit always at the ready.  I grabbed what I needed and return to Sly.  By then all the Big Goat Boys had to be helpers....  I broke the paint stir sticks to fit his need and quickly wrapped with Vet Wrap.  The Sauce is to keep everyone from eating the wrap.  As I opened the bottle and started to sprinkle the liquid fire the wind changed directions and you guessed it.  The sauce went flying right into my right eye.  The universe has such great aim because I had my face wrapped up to protect from the bitter cold and wind and the only thing exposed was my eyes.  As I screamed and grabbed snow to rub in my eye I freaked out the boys.  There I had 8 sets of huge horns whirling around me and I could not see a thing.  After everyone calmed down. I had one good eye working and I finished the work on Sly's leg.

This time I really needed the fence line to find my way back to the gate and into the barn.  Llama Boy had to check my eye out and then we both headed back to the house.  He walked next to me to guide me back to the house and then stood at the bottom of the stairs until I got into the house.  As I pulled off the layers of wet clothing and found me a wash cloth I again started giggling. It is what you will often find this gal doing after some strange, stupid or frightening event.  Over the years I have fixed many an animal in the worst of weather conditions but I do admit this is the first time I am wearing HOT SAUCE in my eye....

Sly's now has the split off and it applying a bit more pressure to it.  I still check on him and his circulation.  We all have aches, pains and old injuries that scream during this bitter cold and animals are no exception..  My right eye is mending, the skin around it is still red and puffy but we have lived through worse.  Llama Boy still comes up each time I come out the door to check on folks and places his soft gentle lips on my eye and blows softly.  That is a llama's way to showing love, concern and compassion.  You wont find that in any Vet Kit except mine. 

So what is your "GO TO" supply that you can't live without ??  You can't say Duct Tape because all of us live and die with our duct tape. 


Tombstone Livestock said...

Sounds like you need to add a pair of safety glasses to your emergency arsenal. Or change something bitter but less toxic than hot sauce. Hope the eye recovers soon.

thewovenspoke said...

Grace, you have such adventures and you life surely isn't boring. I hope everyone is on the mend. Stay warm. hugs