Friday, February 22, 2013


It has been a few days since I wrote and it is because I have had my hands full of the tasks at hand here at the farm.  As you can see we received some of that white stuff.  This storm was interesting and kept this gal on her toes.  Since we have had so little of this wet stuff the farm, the animals and even I worked a bit harder and longer to get back into the swing of things. 

First off this change in weather pressure did not aid in getting any of the goat babies born.  I swear they are just playing at this... If Only!  I still have puffy butts and utters but that is as far as we have gotten...  If you think you are bored with this just think how I am feeling.  Every two hours on goes three layers, two hats, snow boots and then the snow gloves.  Then it is out to the barn, through the heavy metal doors, over the pens and off goes the gloves, check someone's privates, gently handle the utter and then give tons of hugs and kisses.  On to the next one and then give all those others who want attention their dues and then back out the doors, on to the house, off goes all the layers and then try to get either a tiny bit of sleep or other work done within the house and business... 

Second, the goat girls who are not expecting are a bit tired of hanging out in the barn.  The snow was coming sideways for most of the night and day it  was making drifts in the barns so the doors had to be shut.  If you think having your children home on a snow day is trying well try it over 90 animals who have decided they are bored... All sorts of mischief and problem arise.  Remember hearing "Mom, she is staring at me" or how about "Are we there yet, are we there yet"  and my all time favorite is "She is too close make her move, she is moving closer MOM"....  Well, that is what I get out of 90 bord animals during a snow storm and they get louder with each two hour check...  Tons of fun..

I will write more about the recent events but it is time to go through the deep snow and check butts again.  Yep, I know what a pain but it is what it is...  Back in a flash - O.K. not a flash but I will be back.  Hold that thought

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Isn't life on the farm fun ... are you having fun yet???? Hope the storm blows over and your snow starts to melt before too much kidding goes on. Did udder checks on the 2 year old Shetlands yesterday, so far nothing, am hoping since they have been in with the ram long enough that they want to hold off another 5 weeks until the shearer gets here ... it was a young ram so I am hoping.