Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Houston We Have A Problem

SORRY!  I have been hacked or rather to say my blog has been hatcked.  For those of you who received an email from this blog it was not by me and as you might guess I have no fetish about medical procedures and sex.  Honest, I don't and I am not that clever to understand how to send an email to all who participate in my blog.

Needless to say I have had to put into place all sorts of hoops to jump thru to stop this behavior.  I regret that others have to pay for the crappy behavior of others but that seems to be the way the world runs these days and that is very very sad to say...

I hate to say it but this is  WHY I hate most of the modern technical crude.... WHY can't these folks put their talents to good use ??

Once again I am so sorry for this and if I could ever met the person who did this I guess I might try my medical skills on him or her.

Make it a good day and writing soon.

1 comment:

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hope the problem is solved. I agree what is with someone that they have nothing better to do than hack someones blog. Take care.