Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Being a Blessing in Anyway I Can

I stiffened up my back bone to get into the truck to drive down that dirt road after my tire blow out.  Since this has happened three times on that same road I hope you are getting how freaked out I was.  However, I needed to get animal feed, take 28 packages to the Post Office and look at storage sheds.  I can say I held my breath for the 28 miles and when I reached town all I wanted to do was be a puddle of tears but as I have said I am not a gal who will do that in public.  So here are the events

At Post Office with all my packages I gave thanks that my yarns that I created with love will be going to new homes.  I checked them not once, twice but my OCD way of more then four.  I let several folks go ahead of me because they carried only one package.  I found it interesting that several could not believe that someone would do that.... They wanted to argue WHY would I let them go ahead of me.

Next, went to Walmart - I know but only store in that town. As I tried to find the few things on my list I noticed a lady dropped her list.  I grabbed and ran after her and gently said you drop this.  I was not expecting the response - SHE CRIED - Yep I did it again.  She went on to tell me that she had a brain trauma cause by a drunk driver hitting her truck and if she did not have her list she would walk around and go home with nothing.  She hugged me and kept saying "You are my Angel" because her mother was coming for the holidays and all she does is get angry that she can't remember things and do what she did before.  I let her cry it out and told her it is my pleasure to help.

As I got to the so called veggies department there was a sweet little old lady (Pearl) in a motorized cart.  She could not reach the veggies, the bags and was struggling.  I went up to her and asked if I could help.  Yep, she started crying.  So with her list in hand I went with her and gathered her goodies.  All the while she spoke that she is invisible and how much it meant to be seen.  I gave her a hug as I got her to the check out and she assured by that a lady would come to pick her up.  I made sure before I left that this happened.

Now on to the feed store.  MY GOD they were unloading hay...  I got my feed and went to the spot to have it loaded.  There was the quite guy I have dealt with for years - Nathan.  He was not looking right and I simply asked  "Nathan is everything O.K.?"  I mean it I should not open my mouth.  Here this man crumbled into tears and grabbed me for comfort.  It appears his mother is in the final stages of a horrid illness and it is just him and her.  We loaded the truck and I then pulled my truck out of the way - I sat with him outside on bales while I did my best to show him that he is not alone.  He spoke of how much it means to him that someone even spoke to him.  I gave him a hug and told him I am a phone call away.

As I pulled out and started to drive back home I held my breath again as with each bump I freaked and with this road there is nothing but bumps.  My mind went to all those who like me are feeling so out of sorts and I wondered WHY?   When I reached my driveway I gave thanks that I arrived in one piece and that I could be there for a few souls who needed me.  As I unloaded 2 ton of hay I gave thanks to an amazing lady in Tokyo who I have never met who sent me a financial gift that just paid for the hay to keep my animals fed for a little while.  I too cried at the kindness of a stranger who saw me and offered to help.

I hope I can continue to be a BLESSING to someone even it if it just to pick up a dropped paper, load groceries into a cart or give a hug to someone facing a great loss.  For today I will do my best which may not be much but it what I have to offer....


Andrea Stevens said...

You are indeed a blessing, Grace, in so many ways. Love & hugs to you and all those you helped today & everyday.

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, I read the post last night and went directly into prayer for you. I know God has plans for you and sometimes we wonder why we are going through the trials ahead of us. Please keep the faith and let God direct your steps and be prepared for a wonderful life.

Kristina said...

This was beautiful to read. Hugs.

monica said...

Grace, what an amazing day! Thank you so much for sharing!

Split Rock Ranch said...

I love you Grace. Your name is so incredibly appropriate for you. Today should show you that YOU are not alone and that even in hard times, we can be a blessing and a help to others who are also struggling. Thank you for being you. And thank you for sharing this. HUGE HUGS! Love, light and many blessings.

Susan said...

I read this yesterday and saw so much heart in the little things you do. I'm kind of a nut for quotations but I found this one today and it fit so perfectly.
"Sometimes when we are generous in small barely detectable ways it can change someone's life forever." Margaret Cho

I will pray that things work out for you. Anyone who can be such an angel to others deserves a bit of Heaven in her life!
Susan (Cindy Lou at MJF)