Monday, December 16, 2013


I want to THANK everyone for the kind words, prayers, and love that you have sent my way during the difficult loss of my sweet Kasha.  The sharing of stories, pain and sorrow I hope will help all to heal from the losses no matter what they may be.

Today I had to go to a town I have not been to in years to deal with unpleasant business that could not wait. As I left the farm I kept saying "Today NOT a Tear - I will get through this mess without a TEAR"   Unlike my normal behavior of just trying to go into a protective bubble and press on without attaching myself to the energy that seems to be our current world I decided to really look and connect up to what is out there - I must say it was not pleasant at all.   I witnessed folks treating others as not worthy of a Please and Thank or at least not to look down their nose at them as if they were subhuman.  What happened to understanding that we all walk with trials and tribulations - you never know what is going on in someone life so could you not just at least be kind.  I heard the lack of compassion in many voices and that the expression on the faces of those on the receiving end broke my heart.  Such sadness, worry and pain. Can no one see what this is doing to us all in the end?

I did it again today - made someone cry because I simple asked "Are You O.K."?  This lady was reduced to a puddle because some stranger bothered to care.  WOW that just made me break into pieces.  I have been blessed to have complete strangers send me love, prayers and concern - how can I get that to those who are in need of this?  

As I returned home tonight drained and crying again I was greeted at the mailbox by the herd of female deer.  As I drove slowly down the drive I noticed in the rear view mirror they were walking right behind the truck and following me up to the house.  When I got to the house they sat themselves down under the front trees and I just stood in THANKS.  For this sad day I can find joy in small things, give my attention to those in need and send back LOVE to all of you who have kept me in your hearts. 



Anonymous said...

I think of you everyday Grace and pray for your happiness! Love is so unique I have found, some people don't even know how to appreicate a persons kindness without thinking to themselves..."why is she being nice to me".

I feel we only get one chance being here and I want to do as much good even if nobody else cares to do this in their day. I've had such hateful things said and done to me yet I press on knowing what I do is the right thing to do.

HUGS dear lady...I care about you!

Miss Bling & Shondra

Michele' preston said...

Oh honey what a hard day but what a ending to that day when the deers were there to greet you home. That is something I have had to deal with (uncaring people) since I came home from the farm & its not something I enjoy. I had such a peaceful life at the farm & only dealt with the small towns people who were so wonderful & kind ever so often. I swear the older I get the more I want to be a hermit & just deal with my animals & nature. At least the feed stores I have ever gone in were nice so I would definitely keep going to them if I ever do become a you my dear & think of you often. M' & crew.