Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Came Early

This gal is jumping for joy - the feed store finally had my favorite work gloves - YES, a pair was greatly needed.  I snatched up the only pair and was inside jumping for joy as I calmly walked to the counter to purchase them - did not wish to really look like a nutter.

Once I got them home and clipped off the tags I put them on and admired how wonderful they felt without the stiff duck tape.  I had many bales of heavy compressed hay to unload, move and stack - much work before me and not a lot of energy left.  As I went out the back door to start on the big task at hand you would not believe this but I put on the old ones and went to work.  Yep, I wanted to wait for a NOT SO Difficult task to break in my new ones.  No shaking your head, rolling your eyes or judging - we have all done this I am sure in some way.... Please say you have done this and I am not completely nuts.... I told you I have lost the ability to put myself first but I am working on it...


Michele' preston said...

oh to get some new gloves, I can't live without them but like you I don't want to get the new ones dirty so I do the same thing & grab the yucky ones for the nasty hard jobs & use the nice new ones for the minor work...lol...love to see someone who thinks like me...happy holidays honey <3 & thoughts sent your way

Peter said...

Makes complete sense to me. I wouldn't mess up my new gloves while the old ones still had some life in them.
Happy Happy