Friday, August 1, 2014

Bat Are Us

Not sure if it is a new bat every night or the same one over and over but again last night Sheri had a bat in her bedroom.  Shadow (the dog) again went nuts but this time she put the "Grace's Tennis Racket Stun Approach" in to action and the little bat was removed unharmed out the door.  Since Sheri is the only one getting bite by all the bugs here I think she should make friends with the bats to help her out from the daily blood letting.  Shadow on the other hand - well let's just say he is a lost cause on being freaked out.  Heck if it was my Great Pry's they would leap in the air, snatch it out of the air and that would be that - not saying that is what Shadow should do but come on - get a grip - it is a tiny bat.....

So it remains to be seen if Sheri will have another bat tonight but Grace is bedroom bat free and plans to keep it that way.  How many bats do you keep in your bedroom??? 

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