Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bat in my Bathroom

Now picture this because there was NO TIME to take pictures - Grace decided it was time to crawl into bed and see if I could start counting sheep.  As all do, I went into the powder room and as I was sitting there doing what one does I looked over and what did I see????  Yep, there was a bat hanging upside down from the tub spigot drinking.  Now I can say I would much rather see a bat in the tub then a SPIDER in the tub but still it does make it a tad bit hard to know what one should do next..  As I finished up I tried to think how to get the little guy without much fuss and also so it did not escape into the rest of the house so Shadow would not start freaking out again...

I grabbed the little square pan I use to soak my feet in and my hand towel. Waiting till I could decide the safest way I took one smooth motion to get the bat into the pan and then covered it with the towel.  Out the back door we went and I placed the whole thing on the deck and the took the tongs to remove the towel. Off it went.

So again the bat count grows with no knowledge of how they are getting in.  Here is the trick with the bathroom bat - I keep the door always closed so the dog can NEVER come in and drink out of the toilet or drop dog hair in there...   I also was taught to always close a bathroom door so that door is always closed.

Guess we have magical BATS !!!!!  Lucky Us....  Now I am wide awake - really universe I could use some rest...

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