Saturday, August 2, 2014

Holly Crap Kitchen Bat

I had not even finished my final touches on the last posting when I hear Sheri tell me there is a BAT ON THE FLOOR.  I said "What"?  She repeats and I come out with PJ's on and no shoes.  I looked in the kitchen and there is a bat on the floor crawling to the fridge and before I could reach it there it went - under the fridge.  OH CRAP BATMAN,,,,,

So I tried with a metal yard stick to tickle the little furry out from under the fridge but all I managed to do was to get out all the horrible furry dirty and mouse dropping that has been lurking under the well used appliance... 

Now What???  It means now I sit and wait till the sweet thing feels safe to come out and yep kitchen towel and tongs are next to me while I watch another round of Cake Boss..  I am giggling because the show theme was their Halloween one and I fit right in - BATS AND ALL.  While waiting I have taken thin rugs and tucked them into the thin openings along the floor except for one spot so I can see it coming out.  My bigger problem is if it decided to climb up the wall and into the workings of the fridge.  NO NO GRACE - STOP THINKING...   I did tell Sheri to close her bedroom tonight and I closed all the other doors in the house.  We reall need to figure out where they are coming and or if they are already in the house and coming out somewhere.   This is a new problem on me - my Kitchen Bat was well trained and the Mink, Raccoons and Birds at my old house also seemed to understand they are guests not family..

Well maybe it is time to start watching BAT Movies - any good suggestions ?

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