Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bag full Of Funny Farm Nuts

It is that time of year again - all the creatures in the forest are getting ready for winter. Gathering Nuts and putting on that winter fat. Now I am not going to be adding a fat roll to this body but I am creating some of the best NUTS around. Mother Nature does not have these in her stash but you can get them only at the Funny Farm.

I have a great new lady at
who provided this years Acorn Caps. If you have a chance visit her shop you are sure to find some wonders.

Then I take my hand dyed silk cocoons and start the process of going thru hundreds of cocoons and caps to find a match. Since no two cocoons or caps are the same I have to do this sorting process with each nut. Then I put them together and Puff - magical Acorns!!!

Now don't wait to long to gather your nuts - there are many hungry critters out there. I will be posting many more of these mouth watering nuggets but don't be left with nothing but a fat layer this winter....

1 comment:

monica said...

Grace, The acorns are so pretty! I love all of the colors!