Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Now where was I???

Animals - Well, that brings me to the Dating Game on the farm. Remember that show? Oh my I am getting old... It is that time again to select the top guy and send him on his dating world wind with the girls. Just like the show each guy has to prove why he is the best date. The winner for this year was "Monty" He is a perfect male - tall, straight of line, great fiber, super personality, great condition - just the perfect selection.

I went outside ready to move all the two year olds and grab me "Monty" but as I reached the gate I notice he was limbing on his back right leg. Oh No!! So I tried to get him to let me take a look at it but he was having none of that - this big guy was not in the mood for me picking up a leg and all the boys where willing to take me on to protect their buddy. Now I am not stupid, (o.k. let's put it this way - not when it comes to billies) there was no need in both of us being hurt. I gave him a couple of days but he still was stepping lite on the leg. Now for those who do not know you need two good back legs to do the deed. So I looked over my bunch of great guys and decided to go with Sherlock - yeap, my sweet bottle boy is now all grown up and is the top guy. He keeps everyone in check and still loves to come and give me kisses. So I asked him to come thru the gate and off we went to the girls pasture. At least that is what happened for the first 20 yards. Then he froze. I spent three hours scratching his head, giving him words of encouragement and he would take two steps and freeze. Not sure what the issue was but this shy guy was not moving. So this smart gal decided to get the girls to get him moving. Great Plan but the girls have been trained not to go past the back yard so we had about 100 yards of No Goat Land!!

Then I went and got Mishka - my other sweet bottle kid. She follows me like a dog. I asked her to assist me in my shy guy problem and off we went. She walked up to him and we both scratched his neck, talked softly and he then followed right behind me all the way into the new barn and pastures. After I closed the gates he walked the full length of the fence with me on my way back to the house crying "Mommy Please don't leave me - these girls are scarey"... It took two days for that sweet boy to gather up his desires and start the breeding program. He reminds me so much of his father Thor.. He was a champion billy and the sweetest guy. Even while in breeding rut he would sit nicely with me or the boys and lick your neck. I would leave him while the babies where being born because Thorn always would assist with the birthing, cleaning and even babysitting. He was a one of a kind guy and I sure hope his last male offspring will follow in his hook steps.

So while Sherlock is doing his thing I have 19 other boys who are peeing and crying all day and night - SUCKS not to be picked. Be as you well know there is nothing ever dull around here...

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