Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bewitched Acorns

These bewitching bejeweled acorns where found deep in my forest by the glow of the rising moon. There are many incredible things that one can find in my forest but these are gifts from my forest Trolls. Those playful Trolls have given their tender care to the plants and animals who live on this farm but never have they given me such a treasure. Now I am sharing a few of these incredible acorns with you. Do not wait too long because once these are gone there will be no more this season.


stregata said...

Cute little acorns! And I love that you have a bat - but I wonder that all of Mother Nature's critters are flocking to your house lately!? We have bats here too, I can see them flying around in the garden in the dusk. They are just little ones, scarcely larger that a sparrow.
Hope you are well and no more storms.

larkspur funny farm said...

I have always attracted to lost, hurt or scared - even when I was a child. We have big bats in the forest but this little sweet on is just too little I think to be out in the big scarey forest. Storms are quite for now, thanks for asking but now we go into fire season which always is a bit tense. How is life in your wonderful garden? I give your name to a lady looking for a special gift - hope she contacts you. Stay well

monica said...

Grace, The acorns are beautiful!