Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've been a bad blogger

I just don't get it where does the time fly??

In my case I worry that I am having early senior moments. I swear that I just posted a day ago but my son pointed out today that it has been two weeks. Honest, I have been busy!

Just to get you all up to speed - I finally got the weather God to give me two days in a row to get my decks restained and boy was that alot of fun!

Then I have been working like a dog moving rocks from all over the farm to fill in the huge holes in my driveway and then pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of dirt that I have been digging up all over the farm to cover the rocks. I am about half way thru but it still will be a big project to finish before the big snow comes.

Next when the arms where too tired from the driveway work I set about caulking all the windows and doors in my log home. One thing I always laugh about (I guess it is not funny) is I never have to worry about carbon monoxide getting me - there are way too many drafts - Good Thing / Bad Thing.

Then there was the four days that every animal on this farm went a bit NUTS. No Kidding! I spent about three hours chasing one of my hens around the farm - she had grab up a mouse in the coup (Yeppy) but the silly girl did not want the rest to get any so she tried to swallow it whole. Yes you read that right and this mouse was not small itty bitty. Well, she was in trouble but instead of letting me deal with it she figured we needed to run for hours like "A Chicken with a Mouse Stuck in her Throat" around the whole blessed farm. Now sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and say I give up but not this stubborn gal - so around and around the farm we went. Finally, I caught up with her and grabbed her by the tail feathers. Once I had her still I grabbed the tail and back leg of the mouse and pulled (hope you not eating while reading this) out came the mouse and there I went running to the house for a baggie. Now that was a first for even me, but I guess in life some folks just bit off too much...

On the story line of nutty animals then there is my sweet, hard working, Great Pry named Kasha. This gal has hit my last never this week. In the space of two weeks she has broken five cables (which are said to be unbreakable according to their packaging) and keep me running for those same two weeks. Now I am not sure what has gotten her in such a mood but I sure hope it is not the bear. We still are having sightings and a horse was attacked last weekend so that might just be the issue but I sure do not want her tangling with a bear... Well, I got part of my answer on Friday morning. I awoke to a bone chilling sound. I sprang from my bed at 4 in the am and ran onto the front deck. I thought by the sound of it - it must be one of my billies being attacked. Instead, once outside I could get a clear listen - it was a Bull Elk in my forest. He was going to town making his love call. Normally this does not get the attention of Kasha but I think she is on such an alert status that any creature in the forest is reason to break a cable and run. Last night I just covered everything in the shop with plastic and brought her in for the night. We have been having snow, YES SNOW and she was soaked to the bone. Normally she fusses all night, barks and knocks things over but last night she slept thru the night without a peep.

So I will give you a breather and be back to catch you up on all the news - got to visit the little girls room. Be back in a flash and a flush...

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