Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh Boy - Another Baby!!

I had hoped this Friday night would allow me to get a few moments of sleep but as I stretched out on the couch something said "Get Up and Check". Now I had just got back from the barn not more then 20 minutes earlier and NO ONE was showing signs of delivering. I battled with my inner voice for a few minutes and then peeled myself off the couch. Went downstairs and put on all those layers again. As I walked that long cold walk to the barn I kept saying to myself "No One Showed Signs"..

When I reached the barn and turned on the lights I did a quick check of everyone and found no one doing anything important but then I spied Mother Goose. There she sat still in the corner. Normally she gets right in with everyone. So I went over to her and who knew - she was in the middle of delivering. I quickly grabbed her horns and moved her to the nearest open pen. As her labor progressed the baby did not. I could see it's sweet nose and one tip of a hoof - after about ten mintues I stepped in and pushed the little nose and hoof back in so she could start again with a better shot out. In a matter of about 5 minutes out came this dearling boy. Mother Goose was busy talking and cleaning, cleaning and talking. After what seemed like two hours (according to my internal clock) he finally got the hang of nursing. Once his little tummy was warmed and he went pee - down for a quick nap he went.

After rechecking everyone and they all promised they were not in labor I went back out into the cold night and walked that long walk back to the house. I took off all those layers and by the time I went back upstairs it was almost midnight. I guess I was in the barn alot longer then I had thought. Well, after that I went back out every two hours just to make sure no one was lying and started their labor. One more long night - no wonder my lines on my face are getting deeper by the day but well worth it.


Lisa said...

A very heartwarming story. You have the mothers intuition!

larkspur funny farm said...

Some might say I spend too much time with my goats but I admit after having them with me for so long we do have a unspoken tie.