Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rebecca My Champ - Twins Again

Sunday morning has been nothing but none stop snow... I understand it is Winter but hiking thru deep snow every two hours sure makes these legs tired. After doing morning chores and getting the ladies all settled in I checked everyone's butts again and walked back to the house. It seemed like I might get Sunday off for good behavior. So I went into the house and started packaging and labeling yarn for my retail store in town. I sat at the kitchen table writing away while watching "Dead Like Me" ( I just crack up with that show, I know Grace is strange ) all of a sudden it felt like someone kicked my in my lower back. Then I had the worst cramps. I sat still for a moment and decided I better get out to the barn. So on goes all the layers and those heavy boots and out the door I went.

I quickened the pace with every cramp. Thru the gates, open the big metal doors and turned on the lights. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust because of the blinding snow and what did I find in the corner?? Rebecca, putting her ears in that strange way that only she does when in labor. That is one great thing about having these girls for so long - I know every movement, eyelash and ear twitch. I grabbed her by the horns and tried to move her to a pen. That was like moving a ten ton truck with just your arms. It always amazes me that a animal who does not weight more then 100 pounds can become dead weight when I want them to do something. Anyway, I waited for a contraction and then pulled her into the pen. Once she got in she settled down to the business at hand.

With not a sound, no screaming, huge dust storms or fanfair she sat down and started pushing. With each contraction she curled her upper lip, put her head in the air and pushed with all she had. After only a few minutes out came the first baby but I knew she was not done. She did not even stand to clean the baby but sat right there and curled her round body in a circle and cleaned the sweet thing where it layed. Then after 10 mintues of cleaning she went back to the rhythm of her lip curls and pushing. Out came the second little one and again she sat right with them and cleaned them both off. After they had been cleaned she stood and guided them with her feet and head to her swollen utter. In a matter of minutes without the little ones making a sound they both started nursing. What a sight.

Rebecca is another goat who is not real people friendly but a better mother you could not ask for - such grace under pressure, what love and compassion she has for her kids. While all this was going on her last years baby Lilly was feeling left out so I had her sit on my lap as I stroked her incredible fleece and gently whispered into her ear. Rebecca looked at me with soft eyes as if to thank me for caring for Lilly while she tended to her new one. Rebecca always has twins and this year is no different. We have two strong boys - both white and both real lookers. Rebecca delivers offspring that produce some of the best fiber here at the farm and I always look foreward to getting my hands into those lushish locks.

So no rest for the wicked but what fun we have as the barn fills with tiny new life and tons of new fiber - my spinning wheel is call..
The snow is expected to continue all night so those two hour checks are going to be long and cold but I can hardly wait to see who is coming next... Wish is luck!


stregata said...

Wow, Grace! My hat off to you - staying up all night with your girls. You must be awfully tired. Seems you are having lots of new kids. And triplets! I wonder - do goats help out with nursing, if they have lost their kids? I was thinking about Ebony...

PenCraft said...

It is so amazing reading the stories about the birthing of the goats. I sure wish I could be there to see one! I hope all the babies are doing very well.

Lisa said...

Wonderful stories! I think if I were you I'd be tempted to haul them into the house on those bitter freezing snowy days! Your dedication is am inspiration.