Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Splash of Color Much Needed

While keeping the ridiculous hours I do during kidding season I try to keep busy so I will not realize how tired I am - so I have been dyeing fibers.

This lovely little basket is full of SoySilk Fiber dyed Peach. Makes your mouth water just thinking of those lovely round, sweet, juicy fruits that grace our tables in the summer. While the fiber was drying I had wished I put up more peaches because now I have to wait till they are back in the farmers market. Oh Well, at least I can have my fingers on this beauty... I might have to blend it with some of my Mohair from Avery - he is a natural peach tone - How Lovely!!!

I also dyed whispering Lilac, Mountain Aqua, Moring Sky Blue and Emperor's Jade. I must say they all get my fingers itching to get to the carding machine.


Theresa said...

That is simply a lovely color and has me craving peaches too, or necterines. Either or is good by me.

monica said...

Grace, The silk is beautiful!!! I am going to be playing around with mixing some dyed to see what I come up with! Should be fun!!

Make sure you get enough rest!!

Georgianne Holland said...

I think that you are a peach!

Will you be posting this peach yarn on etsy? I would like to knit a summer scarf with it!

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