Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching you up on all the News !

Saturday I went to see Reece (my grandson) and he is a cutie but I must admit babies seem to look about the same at this age. I had a nice visit with the parents and enjoyed a birthday lunch of Middle Eastern Food.... Spent a couple of hours taking inventory in my retail booth in town - not a single print out was correct so it was lot of counting - boring!!!

Casper has been slowly but surely getting day by day a bit stronger. Today he and I went out walking with the other boys so he could get some fresh air. That nasty wind came up again so he made the call to go back to the barn. Fine by me. I sliced his pear, gave him tons of kisses on the forehead and he waggled his tail.. I know that may not sound like much but he has not done that for a week so THAT IS A BIG DEAL. I thought surely he was done for earlier this week so a wiggling tail is huge.

As I said the wind has returned big time. The wind was so bad it knocked over 10 very heave horse panels that I use as a moveable fenceline between the normal pastures and the forest. That had been standing for six years and this is the first time the wind has done this. It looked like a bulldozer hit them. So I struggled but got them all back in place and reinforced. However, while doing this project one of the heavy panels fell over and hit my left big toe - yep, the same one that the big billy stepped on a week ago. By the time I got inside my foot was in pain. I peeled off the sock and half of my toenail fell off. GREAT - I do not have a toenail on the Right Big Toe (stepped on by a huge Ewe many years ago) now I have only half on the left - Just Great! Well I guess I will give up my dreams of becoming a footwear model

That is about all the exciting news for now - I know, you wished you had half the excitment I had - Right???

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monica said...

Grace, I can't wait to see pics of Reese!! So glad to hear that Casper is doing better!

Hope you toe is feeling better! Some hoe I can't imagine that you really ever had dreams of becoming a footwear model!!:)