Monday, April 26, 2010

The Value of Challenge

After another storm hit the farm Sunday night and I was up all night worrying about the animals I was glad to see the morning. Yes, I was still in snow shoes to do the chores but what you going to do?? All had made it thru the night without harm.

As I came to the younger boys barns they all stood on their hind legs to get a good look at me. Such sweet faces - all nine of them with their heads over the barn divider. As I clunked over with my snow shoes still on I gasped in horror. Here were my beautiful boys covered with this tiny Vegetable Matter in their once spotless fleeces. I flung off my snow shoes and hopped the gate. I grabbed Eistein to get a closer look - it was if someone had rolled them in teeny tiny hay powder. I grab another and another - all with the same horrible mess. Now I am not one to go nuts but this was like you had kicked the air right out of me. I have not a clue what had happen to these animals but I dropped to my knees in tears. A WHOLE YEAR, A WHOLE YEAR, What in the world am I going to do... Now I am not a drama queen but I am one who deals with hundreds of fleeces a year - this was a nightmare.

I left the barn crying so hard that I really did not know if I could make it to the house. There I sat on my bright red chair that sits inside the shop door in all my wet clothes just crying... I must admit it was like the flood gates to my emotions just came pouring out. What is going on?? Then I got a grip and said to myself - everyone is still alive, we made it thru another horrible storm and we are all O.K. GET A GRIP GRACE!!

I peeled off my wet, smelly clothes and slowly made my way to the shower. There I scrubed the tears and dirt from my face and gave myself a hard talking too.. I know better - a life is worth more then a fleece, I know that there is a reason for everything even if I do not like it, know what it is or asked for it. Just then I realized I had not read my mediation for today. Here is just the beginning and end of it.

"Faith is a verb. It's our willingness to exerience life as it unfolds in all of its pain and all of its promise". Joan Borysenko

Affirmation: "Today, I allow myself to experience all of life. I accept whatever life brings and know it is all a learning experience".

As I went to do my afternoon chores I gave thanks that we are all standing today in fine health, great spirits - being able to have one more day on this farm. The creative spirit will give me new ways to share my love for these animals with all of you and who know a clean fleece may be the miracle awaiting tomorrow.

Be up to Value the Challenge


monica said...

Grace, I so very much wish I was closer! I would bring over Mocha Cream Filled Horns and let you cry on my shoulder!!


larkspur funny farm said...

Your such a sweety - you would have been dripping wet. But much better today. Thanks for your friendship.