Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother Natures Melt Down

After my melt down which was not the least bit pretty I thought I would show you what Mother Natures Melt Down looks like here at the farm. There is still snow but not in any of the huge drifts I worked thru for the past couple of days. The pond is rising and the sky and air is clean and clear. I even had a couple of wild ducks in the pond early this morning. They always seem to know when the Funny Farm pond is open.

I must admit the wind is howling which who knows might assist with those fleeces.. Now that everything looks like spring time I must warn you the weather guessers are saying another storm is on it's way. So today I will be working like a mad women to get things done outside in advance of the next Mother Nature Event. However, for this moment let's enjoy what we have - it is GRAND


Aprons and More said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Esp. for those of us southerns who never see snow...and when we do it melts the same day!

Katy :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Katy - I am glad to share - if you every need snow come my way and we could have a great snowball fight - My aim sucks but we could have a great time.