Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What will the weather be tomorrow? Anything but Wind I hope.

Well it is evening at the farm and the wind is slowing down - not until it took off another two sheets of metal off the barn roof and even tore off the rooster weather vein from the little tool shed roof. That is a first in 14 years...

Nerves are a bit frayed here so in Grace fashion I got out my some horror movies and decided to put the head phones on, as I hear the Tooth Fairy scream her way thru a very lame B movie at least I can not hear the wind.

One bad thing about the wind is all my creative juices just dry up. My mind goes blank (some would say that happens even without the wind) my body gets stiff and all is Lost!! Heck that reminds me did you see LOST tonight??? I sure hope they get this tied together because I want to make sure that if I ever end up in a plane crash on an island I will know exactly what to do... It could happen! O.K. where was I ? Mind going blank - I am not going to call them senior moments even if I did get a year old..

Here is my newest question that has been rolling around in this blank brain - How do you know when you are ready for a new patth?

For the past year there has been a small voice saying there is a new path for you Grace. Now I know that might sound like I need to be at a Funny Farm but really have you ever had that happen? That is how I started this farm and business 14 years ago.

I would love to hear if this has happened to others and what was that path that was shown to you I hate that I am a person who lives in her head too much - I really am working on letting go and as the saying goes "Going with the Flow"
That is really a hard one for the list maker, pro's and con's, decission tree designer, black and white - well, you get the picture.. Still I wonder are others hearing a small voice telling them of a new path or should I really look into checking into a Funny Farm??


PenCraft said...

Making life change is one of the most difficult things we ever do. For me, that little voice needs to talk for a long time before I recognize the importance of listening to it. So if you need to check in to the Funny Farm, I'm right there with you. LOL

organic-lizzi said...

Happy that the wind calmed down:-)
Sometimes it takes time before I know what the change is...and sometimes I know it the same moment... "They"say that if you see/hear something tree times from different places you should pay attension..And yes..I have this little voice:-)
In this "special"time I think we are not going to do one thing but severals...
What does it means to checking into a Funny Farm?
The Best Day Ever...from Randi

monica said...

I don't think you need to check into a Funny Farm at all! I think it's time for a change around here! I really want to simplify things. I am realizing that having a huge stash of fabric and fiber isn't always the best thing! It seems that sometimes I have so many choices in front of me that I don't know where to begin! I think I am about ready to go and buy a yurt!!

I tried to watch Lost, but I was lost trying to keep up with what was going on!!