Friday, April 23, 2010

Lost in Space

Life on the Funny Farm has been it's continual strange place. I hardly know where to begin - it all seems a blur - or maybe it is my way of just not wanting more.

Last Saturday I started my Spring Cleaning outside - we had great weather so I spent the day tearing the Hen House apart. Scrubbing down everything and rearranging the layout (hens like to have their house changed around) just like two legged ladies do.
As I came out to catch a lung full of clean air I notice Kasha was hanging out of her house funny. I called her - no response, I yelled several more times and no response PANIC!!! I ran to her screaming her name and no response. As I reached her and grabbed her, she opened her eyes but was very unsteady - Oh MY GOD - My heart was pounding so hard I am sure you could hear it clear across the farm. I walked her into the shop and sat with her while I checked her over - She slept and I worried till the next morning. I know her end is near and I think that will be the end of me. She is my heart, soul and dearest of friends - this will be too hard to take.

Then a couple of days later there was POLICE all up and down our road. Not a normal site at all. At first I thought "OH MY GOD - FIRE" It has been dry here and there has been warnings posted - I put my nose in the air like one of my dogs but nothing - so I went about my business. During the day the power was off - again I though FIRE. No reverse 911's, none of my friends called to inform me of doom, nothing on the news so back to work I went. Then about four hours later upon going to the road to collect the mail I could see in the forest flashing lights. I got in my truck and headed down the road - only getting about 500 yards there was a road block with police and guns. As one approached the truck he told me to turn around - I explained I was the farm that this all was next to and I thought I had a right to know what was going on. He stated they found drums of chemicals used in making METH on my neighbors property. Now this is a 8 generation cattle ranching family and the last folks in the worldyou would every think would be involved in such things but now a days who knows what goes on in peoples lives. He informed me that the HasMat Team was coming in to take it all away and if it goes up in a ball of flame they would come and tell me. WHAT!!! Again, he said it really was not any of my business. I explained that I have over 60 animals that would need to be evacuated and I do not wish to do that while my farm is burning to the ground - he said again "It was not his problem what I did with my animals and that it was none of my business what they where doing to deal with this problem".. I must admit if it was not that he was wearing a gun I would have loved to have popped him in the nose... Finally at 9:30 pm they removed the materials and now I was wondering how was I going to go to sleep tonight??? Trust me - I didn't

What a week with Mother Nature and her Colorado weather. It is being true to form... First we had 70 degrees on Wednesday, Tornado touching down in the next county and an inch of hail on Thursday and Friday well, I have snow up to my butt!!! Colorado weather - you just got to love it or hate it - either way we don't get a vote.

Yep, this has been one bumpy week. Let's hope for a calm and boring weekend.


Dori Ann said...

Well I can understand why you are feeling alittle off! What a week. I feel for you with your dog, just had to put my girl down last week, it is still killing me :( She was very old, but goodness had her for 13 years! She went thru alot with me and always there.
Hopefully this week will be better and much more calmer! Do something fun for yourself even if it's nothing!

larkspur funny farm said...

Your so kind and I am so sorry to hear about your sweet four legged friend - Hugs to you. I am hoping for a better week too.
Blessings and Be Well Dori Ann