Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Since Sunday the wind has been howling. We are not talking about blowing winds, HOWLING WINDS.... Monday all the animals have just about had enough - I know I have.

Last night it was so bad that I went to the basement, turned off the propane tank, shut down all the power and planned to ride it out. You could hear things being thrown around outside and I sat hoping for the best. As you can see two large metal panels where ripped off the smaller barn and I brought them back to lay closer to the barn so when this all dies down we can repair again. All of the animals have placed them self in barns or shelters to ride out another day of winds. The weather guessers are saying it will calm down by tomorrow - Let's hope so I have two ton of hay being delivered tomorrow, she says with her fingers crossed.

So hang on to your hats, gloves and pants - it is going to be a very bumping ride.


organic-lizzi said...

WoooW!! That is to much!! Cross my fingers to that all will calm down now!!
I always sleep sooo good when it is tunder or much wind... Everybody speek about it the day after ..I dont know what they are talking about because I have not noticed:-)
Lovely day with no wind:-)...Randi

Georgianne Holland said...

Hi Grace! I am afraid of the wind. When it is as windy as you describe, I am a nervous wreck. It has started to mellow out here, farther north in Colorado, and I think we will have a quiet night tonight. What made me laugh outloud about your message was what you call the "weather guessers". So funny! Yes, they think of themselves as science journalists, but I think they are mostly guessing. I mean, the winds change! Right, that's the whole point. Winds change!

Take care and hopefully get a good night's rest.