Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been trying to take the last 6 days in stride with mindful mediation and courage. I still have not found the missing hen and rooster but we did find two large hawks now living within my forest. I feel they are lost to the circle of life.

I then have been dealing with a minor health issue which has stopped me from my normal work load. Around here if you miss just one day it can seem like a week of extra work is upon you. I am letting my body heal itself which takes time and patience which I am always lacking but I am working mindfully to address.

I was very excited to have my oldest son Nick at the farm Sunday along with his wife and baby. He worked very hard to assist in the fixing of my driveway. Brooke gave hand when not taking care of Reese and I did about three hours of digging as well - we got about half done. So there is plenty of more digging, hauling and pounding to go but I will wait till I am feeling a bit better.

I then spent two days trying to get my computer to stay connected on line.. It looks like it will need to be taken in for real pro's to fix but I managed to find a way to trick the computer and get me here today. So much time spent for such little reward but I am thankful to get it up and running to answer emails, pull orders and connect with you.

I know this is not a up beat posting and for those who really know me I HATE WHINNING but I thought I would catch you up so you did not think I had forgotten you.

On a happy note Cash is all healed and running around like his old self. YAH!
Thanks for letting me be a Debbie Downer for this momment - now I am slapping my wrist and going back to the dye pots and finding those things to be thankful for - top of the list is great folks like you!!!


Jami said...

Chin up, Grace. I know you won't be down for long. : ) Hope you feel better soon. Does that make 3 things? I've always heard bad things happen in 3's...hopefully you're finished with your dose for a while!

Brooke Dilling said...

If we didn't have down days -- we would never know how great our good days can be. And always keep in mind that "this too, shall pass"

Let me know what else I can do to assist!

Cassie Shella said...

I do hope you are feeling better and I will say lots of prayer for not only your health but for your hen and rooster as well. Blessings.

larkspur funny farm said...

Jami - I with you I will take only three.

Cassie thanks for the prayers..I always need more of those.

Brooke - I have spent the day repeating my mediations and listening closely to my body, mind and spirit. I thank you for your offer will be in touch.