Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just around the corner

As the temp's are expected to climb back up for the next 5 days I just had to find a trick to get me through those sticky days - Isn't it breath taking??? I have two trees who guard the front entrance to my house.. No matter what the weather they comfort me but during the beginning of a storm they give me strength and renewed energy. I love to stand in silence with them as the cold rolls in and all is being blanketed with the sting of ice. Yes, I am a cold weather girl and just looking at this picture brings me right back to those feelings and I can take the heat of summer sun for just one more day. I can not wait till we stand again in the bitter cold, ice crystals sticking to my face and the crisp air of Jack Frost quickening the base of my daily chores.

What is your favorite connection to Mother Earth???

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LadyUnderThe Oaks said...

being from the deep hot south...i have always loved when the season changes to the 60's...then i can layer the clothes and colors i love. (have found you can only take off just so much and it rarely helps in the steamy humidity)...but the layers of soft warm colors is just right for my inner person who seems to love the "cold weather" we get!