Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Perfect Day - O.K. as perfect as the Funny Farm can get!

My DIL lent me her five seasons of Lost to watch - YAH!!!!

So What better way then to sit in front of my Patrick Green Carding Machine with headphones on and the machine humming away. I worked on a great combo of Alpaca, Mohair, Corriedale, Cashmere, and Angora Bunny. This offering will have with the batt some great ribbon yarn that compliments the fibers and always the spinner or felter to add that special something to their project. I promise to get pictures but by the time I finished last night I really needed to close my eyes.

Will working hard I was amazed how many shows in the first season I had missed or completely forgot about - so it is a real treat to revisit this show without all the commercials or recaps from the writers. THANKS so my Brooke for sharing your stash.

So what do you call a perfect day??


jane said...

I Looooooooooved Lost. So yes you are right, 5 seasons makes for a perfect day. Especially the shirtless Sawyer scenes. Enjoy!

larkspur funny farm said...

As I am carding Jane I am on season two where Sawyer has to dig the bullet out of his shoulder with just his fingers - What a manly man... While at this stage I have carded all different shades of greens together - looks like that lush jungle... Might have to cool down with icecream after I finish my work... Would gladly share Jane!