Friday, August 20, 2010

Autumn is soon here - New Play Things for You

This colorway I call "Roasted Hubbard" and what better color for the coming fall then this one.

I get asked all the time "What do you do with these"?
I have tons of thoughts for this one... How about you take a rod, spritz it with a tiny bit of water and then steam it flat. Once dry, join the ends and hand sew or I guess you could hot glue gun them in place. Then think of them for napkin rings for your Autumn table. You can add my silk cocoon acorns, you could add leaves, beads, or whatever your hearts desire...

Or for that perfect adornment for those fall sweaters you could take several of the new silk rod colors and with a piece of felt, leather or even paper start to build your creation. Look around your bits and bobs drawers and I am sure you will find old jewelry that has lost their way, snippets of old worn wool or hand me down denim that would be perfect for the free spirit design that is floating around in your mind.

When I hold these rods in my hands my thoughts go wild with new things to use them in - even just placed in a bowl to sit on a small table invites folks to touch, ask questions and think of their own uses.

What do you want to use them for??? Please share that creative side of yourself.

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