Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chief has a Stocker

It started a couple of days ago with just Chief minding his own business and watching over the goat girls. He has been working overtime because of the road workers being outside our fence line.

I noticed that Esmeralda was sitting close to him and thought it was because of the strangers. Then I noticed after the crew left she was still working the fence line with him but that is not unheard of because she really does stand guard over the girls. I may not always find her pleasant company and as the winter rolls in my cracked ribs (thanks to her) reminds me daily of her ill will at times. So with all I have to do in my days I did not really give up too many of my gray cells to the event.

As night grew near I again saw her rubbing her head all over him and licking his eye - it's a goat thing.. He sat and took it but gave me a look of horror and disgust... I told him to put her in her place if he was not happy - he is the one to be in charge of the tone of that pasture.

This morning as I was making my coffee and trying to gather my thoughts I looked out the window and this is what I saw. Chief in the corner with his lady love dogging his every move. She looked like a herding dog with it prize sheep cornered for the shepherd. I had to take a couple of pictures and then watched closely to see how long this would continue. Poor Chief!!!

It is now two hours later and she is still having him cornered. Chief knows not to bite but a guy can only put up with so much and then you have to call your Mommy. I could not stand his sad eyes so I went out and told her to leave him alone he is not interested. She walked off and gave me a dirty look which said it all...

See what happens when the girls do not have a strong silent Billy in their pasture!! Some folks just can not live without a man of any type.


Tribal Horse Designs said...

that is so funny :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Chief is not thinking it is very funny... She is getting on his last nerve. Don't blame him..

Candy C. said...

Poor Chief, glad you went out and saved him!!

Kristina said...

Poor Chief. I have to say I laughed, as we have a billy goat and 3 dogs who always want to play with him. Thanks for sharing.

Ragomuffin said...

Twas a tragic tale of jilted love! *sniffle*
I love this blog. So so so cute. :)