Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Live in Neverwas

I am getting back to living in the world of "Neverwas" A place of freedom, dreams and hope filled thoughts of all that we can be.

I walked into the forest that resides on the farm that is magical and dream like but grounds me in possibilities and peace. Many a folk have walked amongst the sky reaching pines and wonder the small and large questions of the universe while missing the kingdom of "Neverwas". I step on the soft ground speckled with moss covered rocks and feel the earth rise up to greet me with stories of long ago and predictions of out stretched futures. As I sit in the rocking chair that rests silently under a grove of whispering pines I relax and drink in the energy of this hidden place. As I slowly start to rock to the wind in the trees I noticed siting not more then 10 feet away from me is the smaller herd of the gentle deer who call this farm their home. I walked past them caught up in my own so called problems without even noticing them laying in the scrub oak. They did not leave their afternoon slumber but rather gave me glances as if to say "Where have you been - it has been far too long since we sat together" Not a word was spoken but long conversations ensued between us.

As I sat slowly rocking in quite meditation I found my breathing getting slower and calmer - The tightness in my chest was gone, the whirling thoughts that occupy my mind to the point of distraction stopped and began to melt away into nothingness. I was in the place of "Neverwas" - the place that only a few can reach when the masks of daily life are pulled away and you walk through the other side to a Kingdom of possibilities. I could hear the breathing of those gentle creatures so close to me and being so thankful that they share their space with this whirling girl who can not find a moments peace in the land of the dreams unspoken. How do we lose sight of all the wonders that we come into this world with and more importantly how do we get them back???

Oh to live in the world of "Neverwas" - it takes just a few steps, a leap of faith and some great spirits who sit in silence with you and dream of what we know is the true life within us. Are we brave enough to build a world that others may not see, may not believe in, a land in which there is nothing to fear but those limits we place in our path. Do you live in a land of Neverwas or the wasteland of Neverwill???


Sheri said...

Time may stop
When I sojourn there,
the wind will blow without a care,
& spirit speaks to me when I am there,
In the land that Neverwas.

And with it's caress my spirit soars,
opening up possiblities doors,
& I drink in energy waves
like I have been parched for days,
in the land that Neverwas.

--Blessings and Light, Sheri

Jaja said...

words of wisdom spoken from a true light soul

Candy C. said...

What a beautiful post! Sheri's poem says it all!