Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where Does Inspriation Come From ?

While sitting in front of my carding machine in the fiber prep room I started thinking what to make, what color trend is on the horizon, what would those out there want to see??? Then my stomach growled and my thoughts went to "What in the world I am eating today?" Then it hit me and a went around the room gathering up the ingredients to make this offering.

1/3 Spaced Dyed Organic Merino Lambs Wool, 1/3 Teddy Bear Brown Organic Shetland Lambs wool and 1/3 Chile Pepper Red Organic Clun Forest Lambs Wool. I had dyed all the fibers about a month ago and so they where waiting and eager to be used. Then I took all the love and attention I can give while carding and the final result is "Boston Baked Beans"

Such a soft, bouncy, eye tempting, hand tingling fiber batt - I just love this Batt - but still "What in the world am I going to be eating?"

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