Sunday, October 21, 2012

Can't Believe I Am Such A Lucky Lady

Is you mouth watering???  It should be because this lovely jam is the best I have every tasted and it comes from a talented and dear friend Sheri Chin...  The huge Blackberries grow on her property and her jam making skills are amazing.  I was lucky to receive some of her Strawberry Jam last year and have enjoyed every spoonful.  Imagine my delight when I went to the mail box and found a very heavy parcel in my mailbox...  When I carried it into the kitchen I could not wait to open the flaps and see what was inside.  OH MY GOSH - I have three jars of Blackberry and three jars of Strawberry - I am doing the Happy Dance as I grab the lid opener...  I snatched a teaspoon and dipped into the lush, glossy jam.  I slowly tasted the full flavor and could not believe my taste buds.  I called Sheri right up and gushed about how this package had put a very bad day right and how I was thinking of all the baked goods I can make to honor this wonderful gift. 

This morning I made fresh hot whole wheat biscuits with a swipe of organic butter followed by a generous layer of the dark rich Blackberry Jam.... Oh My I am one pampered lady and so very blessed to have such a dear friend who shares her hard work and talents with me. 

Thank you again Sheri for your lovely jam, great friendship and kindness..... Hugs

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