Monday, October 22, 2012

Men At Work

 The boys are enjoying this warm weather eating in the front - nibbling on the last of the goodies that are still going.. 
 Sylvester (in the back) and Beau (in the front) are trimming up along the driveway and I hope they get to work on the middle soon.  Notice the differences in horns - Beau is intact and Sylvester came to me without his family jewels.  We don't talk about that around him.
 Jack is nibbling away while Seamus is resting under the large pine tree - Peace is achieved so easily for them.
Marvin (to the Left) and Johnny Cash ( to the Right) are working on the other side of the driveway.  My boys sure do work hard.  What I love is they are doing this all without fencing.. Yep, such good boys.  Also, when it is time to be put up I walk out the shop door and ask nicely for all to walk.  In a nice and orderly group we walk back to their pen.  This process is not done with anger, panic or demanding but rather we agree to work together.  Not the normal picture most paint about Billies.

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White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Grace,
You know that is too funny, I do the same thing with my sheep and most people don't believe me that I can put my sheep out into a part of the farm that is not fenced let them eat, until it gets to hot and then they will either move back into the pasture by themsleves or I just have to go clap my hands and they will follow.
I love that about sheep, once they trust you, they do it all the way.
Great photos!