Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goldie Update

Another long night - set up most of the night with the sweet one and she is doing better but not out of my watchful eye.  She did eat a few slices of pear which made her elimate a few things that should not have been in her system too long.  She did give me a few licks on the neck and snuggles in the lap which helped me feel like she was turning a corner.  My body is so stif from sitting on the ground but my heart is warm for knowing I gave her my best.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and good wishes please if you would keep her there for a bit long... Hugs


Anonymous said...

Grace, hope Goldie and all you other furry loved ones are doing well...Linda

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Linda - Goldie did better today... Had a bit of potty problems but I think we need to flush out the system a bit to feel better. Thanks for the well wishes and for reading the blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

PenCraft said...

I've been worried about Goldie. Is she OK now?