Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday was full of Amazing Treats

Wow, another parcel in the mailbox - this from another sweet friend Monique (MO) who seems to know when this gal is down and in need of some kindness...  In the box are a dozen Lavender Cookies dipped in rich Chocolate....  Now I had to restrain myself because it was only 3:00 in the afternoon and I wanted to wait to taste one of these after dinner.  Boy did I have to stay away from them so I took my tired body outside and kept working. 

Finally I was inside and cleaned up.  I made dinner and cleared the table and did the dishes.  I put on the hot water for a nice cup of tea and placed a single cookie on a special little plate and waited for the water to boil.  I fluffed the pillows on my bed and got the DVD player all ready.  I poured the  water and carried the cup and plate upstairs.  Tucked under the covers and the movie playing I took a nibble and it is pure heaven...  I truly am one lucky lady...

Thank You MO for thinking of me and sending me such a great gift in the mail.  You kindness means the world to me.  Hugs


Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh, sweet treats of jam and cookies make everything seem brighter! Cheers to your sweet friends :)

Kinda Like a Chef said...

I hope they were yummy!! You should have one last thing arriving probably today from me! And that jam from your other post, my mouth is watering! I am so bummed I made so little jam this year. I have grand plans for jam making next year, so many berries were I am now!

Loads of love,