Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dancing Goats

Saturday was a "Long List" day and I was not looking foreword to it but No Excuses....  I was engaged in my usual pattern - work clothes layering, hunting for sunglasses, placing my work bandanna on and now a new pattern, shaking out my gloves for any nasty monsters.  I went to put a new CD in the outdated player - NO GIGGLING - and what did I find but a CD that I have never seen before.  I guess I was to listen to this... So in the player it went and out the door I slowly creeped.  Yep two cups of coffee and three Advil's to get this body moving.

I had barn mucking to do in the billy barn, large feed bunkers brought up from the far east pastures, scrubbing out the large water containers, raking up more pine needles for the hen house and if all goes well trimming off pee soaked fiber from some of the very fast young billies.  All was going according to plan after the feeding and watering chores where completed.  I turned on the tunes and Oh My JUST WHAT I NEEDED.....

I admit this old gal had a great time listening and dancing as I scrapped away the poop and dirty.  I was uplifted and moving quickly as I drug those heavy metal feeders the length of the farm.  As I scrubbed down the water containers the billies joined in the dancing...  Now, there is nothing more uplifting then playing the with the animals.  They knew I REALLY needed some HAPPY Time Dancing....   Only a few would not join in - Jerry was one of them because he kept thinking if he just sat in the feeder that more hay would magically appear.  No such luck but he keeps believing and I do not wish to break his dreams.

I admit I am so very glad that other humans do not live close because I am sure I look like I have lost my mind and maybe so but for five hours I was in complete joy...  After the outside chores where done I moved inside and really cranked up the tunes.  I stood in front of the carding machine just letting the lovely fiber flow.  This is why I breathe.  For those who feel this way it is as if you are not of this world..  I am so lucky to spend hours with loving animals and then spend hours creating with their gifts. 

As the sun set on the farm it was home made pizza for me along with three more Advil's.  The heating pad warming up and a "Midsommer Murder" DVD gearing up.  All in all not a special day for most but pure delight for me.  Hope your Saturday was grand.

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thewovenspoke said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Wish I had more time to create.