Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teleporting Goats

As I was finally getting around to doing the morning dishes just about 10 minutes ago I was staring out the window in front of the sink and thinking of how I was going to have a lazy day of spinning and doing nothing too physical today.  As the steam rose up off the boiling water I stared closely at what was going on outside.  CRAP!!!  I had all the billies (two, three and four year olds) out in the back yard.  Now that is not where they are to be and how in the heck did they get there????

Off goes the rubber gloves, kick off the slippers, find the shepard hook and outside shoes.  Forget the pants - long johns will have to do.  Out the kitchen door I went and still wondering how they got out but  not the issue right this second.   I had far too many boys running willy nilly stirring up the girls... Luckly, the boys listen and the moment they saw MOMMY (that is me) coming they took off running to their gate.  Problem was the gate was closed and locked.  Again, so how did all these pee covered boys get out????

Never mind - I got to the gate, unlocked it and they all ran in and stood in their barn as if they had no clue how or why this happened..  As I left their barn, I again closed and locked their gate.  As I walked back to the house I giggled and said - NO Wonder we are the funny farm - no one would truly get it unless they lived here.  So Scotty Beam Me Up but for today leave the goats alone.....

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