Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Promised Recipe

Cranberry Fluff Salad

Keep in mind this recipe is a jumping off point and you can easily change it to fit your tastes

Start with on bag of cranberries - do not use frozen one's because they turn to mush and will water your finished product.  Wash and sort through - do not include any mushy berries.  Grind  in a mill or place in processor.  Place in a bowl and then 1/4 cup sugar.  That seems to be the best to keep the taste of the berries.  Mix well and place in the fridge for at least 24 hours I recommend 48 hours - so plan ahead.

Next set of ingred's

1 small container of Cool Whip - I hate the stuff but found that regular whip cream turns runny after a day and your salad will not hold up.  fI you wish to use real whipped cream then the  salad must be served that day and eaten that day with no left overs. Fold in the Cool Whip till completely blended.

Two cups of seedless Red Grapes, Two cups diced Tart Green Apples - remember again this is ball park because it is all about what you like..  Two cups of mini Marshmallows.  Gently fold in the ingred's to your berry and Whip Cream mixture.  I add the marshmallows after folding other ingreds but that is just me. 

Optional - Chopped Walnuts or Pecans.  This year I put diced Peaches in and I LOVE IT!!! If you are adding other fruits make sure they are drained really well - I added Pineapple and just make sure you are not adding liquids or you will have a runny salad

Again, I like to let this now sit for at least 12 hours but you can serve sooner. 
What I love about this recipe is it will keep easily for a week so you do not have to be busy with it while you are cooking your brains out for the holiday's.  Also if you have it for Xmas you can still have some to ring in the New Year.  Again, don't get too fussy about this recipe it is easily and always requested by family and guests.   ENJOY!

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Sound delicious, you could always combine all your fruits ahead of time, add cool whip or whipped cream just before serving.