Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Published Work of Mine - SOLD

 I am so excited to announce that the purse is going to a new and loving home - THANK YOU Stacy S for finding room in your world for this creation.  Blessings
Full View of the Purse - Handles are straight and true but the picture makes it a bit wonky.



This is a felted purse that I created back some time ago.  The instructions have been published a couple of times in a variety of magazines and I was so very honored to have my work out there.  As I am cleaning up some of the bits and bobs around the shop I thought I might consider offering this adorable purse up for sale.  The Roses are wool and Mohair, the yellow flowers are also Mohair lockets from Sugar, the purples are hand spun tail spun with cashgora lockets from Einstein and the green leaves are llama and wool.  The main part of the purse is black llama.  The size is 9 inch high by 10 inch wide 24 inch long by 2 inch wide.
I am asking $30.00 plus shipping.    That is half Yes, HALF OFF what I normally sell them for but I want it to find a great home. 


Muhammad Asif said...

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Tombstone Livestock said...

Hmmm, no posts on blogger lately .... hope you are well and not covered with snow. Just wanted to drop by and say Happy Holidays.