Friday, September 6, 2013

Winter Wedding - Newest Handspun Art Yarn for Sale

I took a break from the heat and work and gave Grace some fun time.  I took a pure natural bright white German Angora Bunny Fur and with a sparkling metallic thread I started spinning.  The style is a modified core spinning to begin with and then I went back and plied two very thin French mertallic threads to create what I call a "New Age Rick Rack" which would be similar to maybe a boucle process in some ways. 
What I love about this yarn is that the Angora fur fluffs out when we set the twist and brings a halo to the yarn.  The UBER softness of the bunny counter acts the metallic so it can be next to the skin with comfort.  I can see it used so many ways including just draped around your holiday tree as garland - or in a crystal bowl with tiny lights creating an amazing centerpiece. 
I have 166 yards (152 meters) of this amazing yarn for sale for $49.00 + shipping.

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Ngo Family Farm said...

So, so beautiful!!