Saturday, September 7, 2013

Esmeralda - Super Hero and Protector of the Small

My hard working Esmeralda showed again that even thou were are not always on the same page and NEVER snuggle buddies she is always having the farm and those who live here under her watchful eye.  Today while I was working out in the heat and trying not to pass out Esmeralda was working hard in the heat without complaining.  The Birds of Pray were also working hard and my silly hens all 13 of them decided not to stay in the shade and walked out in plain sight.  Before I even knew there was a problem I heard Esmeralda give out a cry (she has a very unusual battle cry) and charged with head down and horns ready.  That old gal is so much like me - when it counts we sure can move our butts and also if anything tries to mess with littler ones we are ready to rip you apart.  She was at a full run and before I think the Falcon knew what was going on she almost hit it... That bird was trying to sneak up on the hens from the ground - strange but it almost worked.  As the Falcon flew in the air the hens ran under Esmeralda as if she was their mother.  Well, I guess she is..

I was running towards them all and by the time I reached them all was back to normal.  The hens ran to me to tell the story and Emerald just gave me that look as if to say "Where in the heck have you been?" She then turned and made a soft sound to the hens and walked them back to the coop.  She sat in front of the door for about an hour or so and every time a hen wanted to leave she gave them a look like "Oh Hell NO, Don't Even Think About It"...

As the Sun was setting tonight I found her back in front of the hen house sitting and watching out for any one who might mess with HER HENS !!!  Great to know that deep below that ruff exterior she not only looks after the goat girls but has a love for her feather gals too.  WHO KNOWS, she may even protect me - anyone want to give it a try???


Aprons and More said...

That is amazing... Who knew a goat would do that! What a nice bond all your animals have with each other!

katy :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Katy I agree - over the years they really have become a family and look out for each other. I have had some of these animals since I started the farm and trust me they did not come with these feelings or actions but now they really understand that we all are together in this. Hugs and Hope all is well with you and yours