Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo issues arise

Getting pictures taken around here is a bit of a challenge because it is just me and as you can see Dot loves me and protects me the whole time I am within his presence but I can not even out run him to try to get a picture so it is up to you to figure out which one I am...

Another case in point - I was trying to get some pictures of a few of the goat girls who are shy and before I knew it Mishka saw me and ran like she was on fire and beat the crap out of the girls who where close to me - You see I am all hers and no one is to be next to me.  That is what happens when you are a bottle raised soul - no matter how you try to do it they know you as MOMMY....  On a high note do you see those locks - Yep, she knows she is a beauty and don't let her know this but I have a soft spot for that pushy gal. 

Not to complain but then we have the "SNEAK A LICK" issues.  Yep, sounds weird but true - this is Lilly who is so quite that she could be a Ninja.  You never hear or see her until she is right on you and trying to lick or nibble.  This sweet soul has been the reason for many falls for me - one second she is clear up in the pasture and next she is under foot and I am trying to catch myself before doing a face plant.  She is such a kind soul that I LOVE HER to pieces but some of my biggest bruises are because of her stealth mode.  On the good side she also is the first to know when I need a snug or hug and always sits with those who are lowest on the totem pole even thou she is much higher up in the ranks.  Lilly gives some UBER soft fiber to go with her UBER soft heart. 

Last but not least is the issue of what hormones and Mother Nature can do to my lovely sweet ones.  No this is not mud alone - it is much more then dirt and rain - do I need to explain????  This power house is a all WHITE Cashmere boy named "Jack" and he is trying with all his might to catch the eyes and noses of the girls that are locked away behind four gates and two huge pastures.  In the eyes of the girls this is pure TOP MALE MODEL but for humans who might not understand the behavior they pinch their noses, shake their heads and walk quickly away.  For me I see pure beauty because this guy is really out to win the hearts and breeding rites - hate to burst Jack's bubble but not this year.  What is so funny about this guy is he loves the camera and each time I tried to take a picture of one of the other guys he would step into the shot..