Friday, September 6, 2013

The Walking Dead - Yippy

Sad to say it but it is the SIMPLE things that this gal appreciates.  After another over the top 97 degree day, having to gather more large stones for the grave site of my Dear Kasha (she is still with me but the time is nearing) and then not being able to quite the mind and heart has made this gal too jumpy.  So as the sun was setting it was time for me to go back out and do the first patrol.  Just as I stepped out the door with all the gear and good intentions I started down the stairs and out in the dark came this horrible sound..  I did a big jump out of my skin and stood frozen for a moment with hatchet raised.  What the heck was that???  Have no clue but I think this gal will need her magic cape and tutu...

Got Sophia and off we went.  Made one tour and all was well and so I decided to go to the mailbox and hope for my "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Disk.  I left Sophia since we just made the trek and enjoyed the cool breezy, the bright stars and the peace I always find when I leave the confines of the home office and get my feet connected to Mother Earth.  As I am walking and breathing I hear the slight russell of the tall dry grass.  I stood and slowly turned my head and behind me and to my right by about two arms length is a young buck deer.  He was so still and calm in his presence that I continued on.  He matched my steps but I could hear his chewing and every six or so steps he bent his head and ripped a mouthful of some tasty treat and continued on with me down to the end of the driveway.  As we reached the gate I looked around with my little micro flash light - revealing 5 sets of glowing eyes.  There stood waiting for the two of us were some of the other deer that call this place home.

As I rounded the gate and to the mailbox I was thinking to myself - "No matter what kind of a day I have I am honored to be trusted by such regal beings"  I did say softy to them "Thank you for your protection and company".  As I walked back to the house - this time without my guardian Buck - I am giddy with the thought that now I can sit on the deck with the cool breezy passing over me and with my portable DVD player  engrossed in the gore of ZOMBIES....  Like I said - SIMPLE things and magical moments for this gal.


monica said...

What an amazing time! Praying for Kasha as she nears the end! Always praying for you too!

XOXO Pea Pod

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you Pea Pod - going to be a hard weekend. Crying too much for this very hot days. Love and Light to you and thank you for caring about us. Hugs