Monday, September 9, 2013

I still can turn a guys head

Looks like Llama Boy and his son Dot are just enjoying the day
As I was scrubbing the big water containers where Llama boy and the juvenile billies live all was fine and relaxed.  I went thru the smaller gate, put on the lock and was walking to get the hose to fill the containers back up.  As I was listening to the hens chatter and thinking their house was next on the cleaning list I  dropped my guard and went miles away in this mush brain.
I was walking back with the hose in hand and began filling the container - just then Dot ran up behind me and started doing his head rubbing on my shoulder and face blowing - this is all signs of how much he loves me and is completely normal.  Within a blink of an eye I have my tall Llama Boy reach over the fence and on the other arm he started  rubbing his head on my other arm and blowing in my ear.  Now one would think this would be wonderful - WELL, WRONG!!  This is a set up where I have two males saying "SHE IS MINE"  I guess for human drama queens this might be what they want but with two male llama this is not what you want going on.
Before you could blink Dot pulled on my overall back pocket and Llama Boy grabbed the front buckle and each would not let go.  Lucky for me this is not the first time I have been at this dance so I raised the hose and Llama Boy got squirted in the face and Dot got flicked on the nose.  They both looked at me with shock and sadness but boundaries must be maintained because it could get dangerous quickly for me.  This long time ago happened and I was crushed between two half brother llama boys who I raised from being babies but when the hormones get going all beats are off if the lines get blurred.
After I filled up the containers I gave each of them time with me far away from each other and all is back to normal.  I guess it is great to be the object of someones attention - as the saying goes "Love Hurts"

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