Saturday, January 20, 2007

All Cleaned Up and Ready To Go

Do People watch you will you shower? A little privacy PLEASE ! We had a great nights slept for 4 hours at a time, so Mom was really happy. We now drink almost 3/4 of a bottle of milk with each feeding and we are almost getting the hang of walking on this plastic floor. Mom read us some of the names that have been posted and we have six more days to go before we will be picking our new names. We looked over the cards that are going to be given to the lucky winners and we think the pictures of the goats are best, but I do like the fuzzy bunnies and that long necked llama well, that's just weird. I also had a big question - why is it my butt keeps jumping around? Is this what we are meant to do? I don't see Mom doing it - but Mom sure seems better then us!

Mom let in this really big white thing into the kitchen this morning - it was covered with snow. Mom called her Kasha (one of the pry's) and kept saying "Who Mom's great girl?" I thought we were the best thing in the house - what's up with that white thing? Can you believe it she licked my butt!!! Some people just have no class!!! Mom made her got back outside and we are glad for that - it will take hours for my butt to dry off.

Well, nap time again. Good luck with the names and watch out for the big white things - they are just not cool!

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Ellen said...

Now these two will steal some hearts! Desperados in CO have never held a lovely Queen of heart! What a touching rescue story Grace!

I'll go out on the limb with Rufus for the red... and then how about Buster for the GreatestOfAllTime, Buster Keaton.