Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you not hear of "Let Sleeping Goats Lie?"

It sure is hard being so little - there just isn't any privacy in this kitchen for a nap!
Mom has been working in the kitchen all day long making a horrible smell. She has been banging pots, running water and stepping all over the place. She said something about "Dyeing" it sounds serious. There is all this color hanging about but the smell, what did she eat? We decided to go sit in the corner and just get out of her way since bitting her ankles and wetting on her shoe did not get her to go away. You would think if she was in here it would be just ALL ABOUT US! We are the sweetest things on four leggs.

How is the naming thing coming? Now Mom has taken to calling us PUDDLES! What does that mean? Then she put down these weird papers - they sound funny when we walk on them and they sure don't taste good.
We did get a warm washing on our behinds this morning - we wonder what that was all about? Felt great but weird.

Well, nap time again it has been about an hour since our last. Admit it, don't you wished you where a goat?


Ellen said...

haven't heard that one lol
but now see what getting a beauty sleep produces!

hey if I knew you were throwing a slumber party I would have sent you my copy of parent trap lol

Day4plus said...

Cute-sweet-all adjectives one can think and aren't we glad we only remember the good times. MB